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100 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Earth has been attacked and only survived 100 people who were doing something specific at that time, they were... pooping.

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Perks of Ownership

Commercial Rights

You will own the intellectual property and commercial rights of your PoopStar.

Avatar & Head Shot

You can easily download any PoopStar's avatar to use as your profile picture. Raise Your PFP Game!


We have lots of future ideas that will help facilitate a vibrant community of PoopStars. Here are a few rewards during the launch.

10% Sales

We are going to launch Twitter Early Adopters giveaways.

20% Sales

We will donate ETH to charitable organizations focused on waste management (shit and poops basically).

40% Sales

When we reach the 40%, the holders of 2 NFTs (man and woman) will get for free the son. So the holder of Elon Musk and Cleopatra would receive the young daughter Cleomusk (or Elonpatra).

60% Sales

We will open a contest to vote and decide the second generation of PoopStars characters.

80% Sales

We are going to launch a merch store with printable/metaverse 3D models of the PoopStars among other products.

100% Sales

We will launch the second generation of the PoopStars with many new features, own token and utility.

After sale plans?

We are already planning to release new collections, full integration with games and metaverses and even physical collectibles!


We live in a culture of collaboration and community. As we grow, we want to grow our community members, which are made up of creatives, technicians, and NFT enthusiasts.